Why Choose Muscle Function Therapy ?

At Muscle Function Therapy we want to help you get pain free and educate about how your muscles function


By using Sports and Remedial Massage therapy, we use a range of techniques to manipulate the soft tissue allowing it to work efficiently and effectively; removing tension and stimulating inactive muscles, to combat the general aches and pains we can all suffer from, and also to help return after an injury.


We also hope to educate our clients with home care and exercises, which in conjunction with Sports Treatments can hopefully lead to a reduction in pain and injuries suffered in the future.


The personalised treatments are designed to:

Help in the prevention and management of injuries.

Maintaining muscle function to reduce muscular imbalances which can lead to poor posture.

The release of occupation related tension and the symptoms of stress. 




There are a few favourites of how we can help you: 


Specific Pain: Woken up with a cricked neck? Or perhaps a sore leg after your sunday football? We can help to relieve the particular area, as well as looking perhaps to a cause. 

Some Common Complaints We Can Treat: 

Neck Pain

Tension Headaches

Shoulder Pain

Lower Back Pain

Sciatic Pain

Hip Pain

Knee Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

This is not a complete list and if you require further information about a condition please get in contact. 


MOT & Maintenance: MOT Treatments to check how you body is working and address any areas of tension, whilst Maintenance treatments are used at regular intervals & can keep on top of any niggles that may arise. 


Events: If you're planning on signing up for an event, or already in training for one we can help to keep you in top form, and to help with reducing chances of injury. 





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